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Ben Comen

Drama / Short Films 2011 4:16m
Available: Worldwide
Based on the true story of a young athlete who never gives up.
Starring: Christopher Imbrosciano, Timothy Phillips, Andy Herbert more hide
  • Ben: Christopher Imbrosciano
  • Jim: Timothy Phillips
  • Opposing Runner: Andy Herbert
  • Opposing Coach: Mark Lifrieri
  • Directed by: Matthew Kohnen
  • Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Written by: Rob Fried
  • Story Submitted by: Roberta Jahrmarkt
  • Executive Producer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Executive Producer: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Line Producer: Scott Fort
  • Production Assistant: Chris Hughes
  • Sound Design and Mix: W. Alex Reeves
  • Color Timer: Mitch Rouse
  • SpiritClips Staff: Nare Mkrtchyan
  • SpiritClips Staff: Chris Commons
  • Special Thanks: Ben Comen
  • Special Thanks: 1 Space
  • Special Thanks: Griptrix
  • Special Thanks: Robert Radnoti
  • Special Thanks: Keena Carstensen
  • Special Thanks: Emesh Fernando
  • Special Thanks: James Haber
  • Special Thanks: Michael Jahrmarkt
  • Special Thanks: Jay Regan
  • Special Thanks: Pacific Coast Sportswear
  • Cinematography By: Marco Cappetta
  • Editor: Mitch Rouse
  • Additional Editor: Bridget Palardy
  • Original Score by: Patrick Kirst
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Justine Trofholz
  • Production Designer: Joe Lemmon
  • Costume Designer: Arlene Castillo
  • Swing: Nick Seone
  • Make-up Artist: Richard Wetzel
  • Digital Asset Manager: Danny Kim
  • Stunt Coordinator: Will Leong
  • Key Production Assistant: Scott Proter