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Crazy Fish

Comedy / Romance / Short Films 1:26m
Available: Worldwide
A lonely goldfish decides it's time for a change. "Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." - Henry Louis Mencken
Starring: Charles Wittman more hide
  • Fish Owner: Charles Wittman
  • Directed by: Craig Ginsberg
  • Directed by: Sam Yousefian
  • Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Written by: Craig Ginsberg
  • Executive Producer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Executive Producer: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Art Director/Animator: Ramiro Cazaux
  • Technical Director/Animator: Will Meyer
  • Compositing/Storyboards: Sam Yousefian
  • Original Score by: Chris Thomas
  • Sound Design and Mix: Ben Huff
  • Recording Engineer: Greg Beaton
  • Legal Counsel: Uyen Le
  • SpiritClips Staff: Chris Commons
  • SpiritClips Staff: Bettina Elvina
  • SpiritClips Staff: Mitch Rouse