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Cupid and Cate

Drama / Romance / Movies 2000 99m
Available: United States
Why We Love It
Mary-Louise Parker and Peter Gallagher click as Cate and Harry, a couple learning to navigate life's challenges together for the sake of love. Nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Family TV Movie, this film is much more than just a romantic comedy. It also deals with family dynamics, as Cate's strained relationship with her father is tested, and her concerned sisters are continually interfering with her love life.
Starring: Mary-Louise Parker, Peter Gallagher, Bebe Neuwirth more hide
  • Cate DeAngelo: Mary-Louise Parker
  • Harry: Peter Gallagher
  • Francesca: Bebe Neuwirth
  • Dominic DeAngelo: Philip Bosco
  • Annette: Rebecca Luker
  • Cynthia: Joanna Going
  • Directed by: Brent Shields
  • Written by: Jennifer Miller
  • Written by: Ron Raley
  • Produced by: Timothy M. Bourne
  • Executive Producer: Richard Welsh
  • Original Music by: Mark Adler
  • Cinematography By: Kees Van Oostrum
  • Film Edidting by: Scott Vickney