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What the Deaf Man Heard

Drama / Movies 1997 98m
Available: United States
Why We Love It
Matthew Modine was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance of Sammy Ayers, a man forced to listen to the whole town bear its secrets while at the same time struggling with a secret of his own. Frankie Muniz, who plays the young Sammy, is excellent, as well as James Earl Jones and Jerry O'Connell. Well-written, with moments of humor as well as drama, this is a fan-favorite that can be watched over and over.
Starring: Matthew Modine, James Earl Jones, Claire Bloom more hide
  • Sammy Ayers: Matthew Modine
  • Archibald Thacker: James Earl Jones
  • Mrs. Tynan: Claire Bloom
  • Young Sammy: Frankie Muniz
  • Rev. Perry Ray Pruitt: Jerry OConnell
  • Directed by: John Kent Harrison
  • Written by: Robert W. Lenski
  • Based on the Novel by: G.D. Gearino
  • Produced by: Tom Luse
  • Executive Producer: Richard Welsh