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Short Films 3:20m
Available: Worldwide
The true story of a rescued greyhound who becomes a healer to others. "There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love." - Mother Teresa
Starring: James Haber more hide
  • Special Thanks: James Haber
  • Director: Craig Ginsberg
  • Director: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Producer: Rob Fried
  • Writer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Animator: Peter Raymundo
  • Narrator: Jeanette Driver
  • Watercolor Backgrounds: Alice Rutherford
  • Flash Texturing & Compositing: Pablo Bermudez
  • Music: Kevin MacLeod
  • Sound Design and Mix: Brian Han
  • Recording Engineer: W. Alex Reeves
  • Legal Counsel: Uyen Le
  • SpiritClips Staff: Chris Commons
  • SpiritClips Staff: Nare Mkrtchyan
  • SpiritClips Staff: Mitch Rouse
  • Special Thanks: Michael Jahrmarkt
  • Special Thanks: Jay Regan
  • Special Thanks: Grace Shaffner