Sal Giunta displays daring heroism in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan and becomes the first living person to be awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. "If I'm a hero, every man that stands around me, every woman in the military, everyone who goes into the unknown, is a hero." - Sal Giunta

Starring: Mark Carducci, Tanner Weston, Alex Nimentz

Written and Directed by: Chris Commons


Biography / Drama / Short Films

Run Time

05:33 min.


United States


Sal : Mark Carducci

Brennan: Tanner Weston

Gallardo: Alex Nimentz

Animator: Andrew Chittenden


Written and Directed by: Chris Commons

Produced by: Rob Fried

Produced by: Iris Ichishita

Illustrations by: Anthony Diecidue

Animation by: Leonid Studios

Animation Supervisor: Ari Levinson

Additional Animation by: Alex Boyer

Title Design: Jeff Holmes

Edited by: Mariana Flores

Sound Design and Mix by: John Dion

Original Score by: Chris Thomas

Thanks: Robin G. Phillips

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