A high school history teacher is faced with raising his two young sons after his wife leaves him. A fellow teacher tries her best to provide comfort and support. When a 17-year old student becomes pregnant and is kicked out of her house, all their lives become intertwined. Gradually, as they learn to depend on each other, they realize they have created a unique new family.

Starring Aidan Quinn, Rachel Griffiths, and America Ferrera.

Starring: Aidan Quinn, Rachel Griffiths, America Ferrera

Director: Richard Pearce


Drama / Romance / Movies

Run Time

104:31 min.


United States


Tom Guthrie: Aidan Quinn

Maggie Jones: Rachel Griffiths

Victoria Roubideaux: America Ferrera


Director: Richard Pearce

Written by: Oliver Goldstick

Produced by: Orly Adelson

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