Drama / Short Films 2008 3:38m
Available: Worldwide
A waitress serves a very special customer. Generosity when we have much to give is difficult, but generosity when we have little is righteous.
Starring: Nancy Travis, David Shackelford, Tony Reynolds more hide
  • Sally: Nancy Travis
  • Mike: David Shackelford
  • Carl: Tony Reynolds
  • Tony: John Campo
  • Derrick: Ben Fried
  • Directed by: Ben Rekhi
  • Written and Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Story Submitted by: Morgan Beck (Greer, South Carolina)
  • Executive Producer: Noessa Higa
  • Co-Producer: Anisa Qureshi
  • Director of Photography: Jas Shelton
  • Editor: Ben Rekhi
  • Production Designer: Danielle Osborne
  • Original Score by: Dino Campanella
  • Original Score by: Mark Engles
  • Costume Designer: Nicole R. Janowicz
  • First Assistant Director: Billy Taylor
  • Sound Mixer: Saravoot Kaitkalang
  • First Assistant Camera: Keith A. Jones
  • Digital Asset Manager: Lynette Privatsky
  • Gaffer: Christopher Ferguson
  • Key Grip: Team Bashet
  • Grip: Tina H. Kim
  • Prop Master: Christiana Rubin
  • Script Supervisor: Aprill Winney
  • : Natalie Thimm
  • Color Timer: Bobby Maruvada
  • Sound Design: Patrick Giraudi
  • Production Assistant: Nick Fumia
  • Production Assistant: Carlos Ramirez
  • Production Assistant: Andrew Rubin
  • Legal Counsel: Liz Destro
  • Assistant to Rob Fried: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Assistant to Rob Fried: Chris Commons