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Based on the novel by Luanne Rice, this holiday tale stars Anne Heche and Tate Donovan, who play a widow and widower filled with grief and doubt as Christmas approaches. But overall, it is an uplifting story of love, hope, and finding the “silver bells” in life. It portrays the beauty and energy of New York City during the holiday season, as well as featuring subplots of art and photography.


It's the Christmas season, but Christopher ("Christy") hasn't felt much joy since his wife died. When business brings him and his two children from Nova Scotia to New York, his all-work attitude causes a fallout between them. Meanwhile, Catherine is finding her "Look Up" project for a Manhattan art museum personally challenging. The project urges New Yorkers to look upward and experience the holidays in a new way, a difficult notion for a woman struggling through her third Christmas since losing her husband to cancer. Although their paths cross often, Catherine and Christy remain emotionally isolated. But when a crisis draws them together, they finally begin to rediscover faith, hope, and love.

Starring Anne Heche and Tate Donovan.

Starring: Anne Heche, Tate Donovan

Based on the Novel by: Luanne Rice


Drama / Holiday / Romance



Run Time

97:27 min.


United States


Catherine: Anne Heche

Christie: Tate Donovan


Based on the Novel by: Luanne Rice

Written by: Jim McGrath

Directed by: Dick Lowry

Produced by: Andrew Gottlieb

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