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Sink or Swim

Documentary / Drama / Short Films 7:10m
Available: Worldwide
A promising young athlete, paralyzed in a random diving accident, finds freedom by returning to the water. "Image you cannot move any muscle in your body below your neck ... now put yourself in water. Are you going to drown, or are you going to survive?" - Julie Oka
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  • Directed by: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Executive Producer: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Co-Producer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Co-Producer: Iris Ichishita
  • Associate Producer: Nare Mkrtchyan
  • Director of Photography: Michael Totten
  • Editing by: Mariana Flores
  • Sound Recording by: Alex Reeves
  • Sound Design and Mix by: Mariana Flores
  • : Nicholas Daniel Logie
  • Additional Editing by: Bridget Palardy
  • Assistant Editor: Yasmin Assemi
  • : Nick Birnbaum
  • Post Production Assistant: Darshan Kembhavi
  • Archival footage provided by: Lu Tran - stillmomentsstudio.com
  • Special Thanks: Amy Blumenthal, Torie Daves, Kent Hayworth, Kaia Hedlund, Ben Henry, Kristin Kulhuman, Donald Leach, Evie Lazzarino, The Oka Family, Ron Orr, Anita Sen, Lauren Schlessinger, Swim with Mike
  • Special Thanks: The University of Southern California, The USC Marshall School of Business, Arvin Varma