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The Summer of Ben Tyler

Drama / Movies 1996 99m
Available: United States
Why We Love It
An exceptionally well-crafted film in the vein of To Kill A Mockingbird, James Woods was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the lead role. Elizabeth McGovern plays the role of his wife equally well with her subtle brilliance. Despite the heavy subject matter, this film remains uplifting and hopeful. The story positively expresses messages of loyalty, morality, and strength, making it a great film for the whole family.
Starring: James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Len Cariou more hide
  • Temple Rayburn: James Woods
  • Celia Rayburn: Elizabeth McGovern
  • Spencer Maitland: Len Cariou
  • Directed by: Arthur Allan Seidelman
  • Written by: Robert Inman
  • Executive Producer: Richard Welsh
  • Executive Producer: Sharon Cicero
  • Edited by: Toni Morgan