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The Cracked Pot

Drama / Short Films 2008 4:02m
Available: Worldwide
When a water-bearing pot slips from a ledge and cracks, it fears it has lost its value. Sometimes life's hardships open our eyes to a greater purpose.
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  • Directed by: Sam Yousefian
  • Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Written by: Sam Yousefian
  • Written by: Rob Fried
  • Executive Producer: Noessa Higa
  • Co-Producer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Art Director: Ramiro Cazaux
  • Character Animator: Sam Yousefian
  • Character Animator: Hsinping Pan
  • Painting: Ramiro Cazaux
  • Painting: Hsinping Pan
  • Storyboards: Rajesh Bhavnani
  • Original Score by: Patrick Kirst
  • Sound Design and Mix: Scott Bruzenak
  • Additional Sound Design: Justin Dzuban
  • : Greg B. Curtis
  • Sound Recording Engineer: Peter Roth
  • Music Contractor: Noah Gladstone
  • Legal Counsel: J. Jason Dollar
  • Post Production: Branden Morris