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Chris Klein is endearing as a soldier who returns home from war to find the life he once knew gone forever. Gretchen Mol, who plays a young widow, is the perfect complement as his love interest. There is an underlying message of how war affects lives forever, and although it takes place after WWII, the majority of the post-war issues it deals with are still relevant today.


Noah Locke (Chris Klein), a veteran of World War II, returns home to find his parents have died, his younger brother is in prison, and the family farm has been sold. Feeling lost, Noah wanders the rural roads of North Carolina in search of a place to belong. Before long he is led by a mysterious stranger to a small mountain community where his talent for fishing makes him a local celebrity. Noah befriends Matthew, a mute boy, and develops a close bond with Eleanor (Gretchen Mol), a young widow. But when tragedy strikes the community, Noah must decide if he truly belongs in the Valley of Light.

Starring Chris Klein and Gretchen Mol.

Starring: Chris Klein, Gretchen Mol

Directed by: Brent Shields


Drama / Romance / Movies

Run Time

97:16 min.


United States


Noah: Chris Klein

Elanor: Gretchen Mol


Directed by: Brent Shields

Written by: Camille Thomasson

Based on the Novel by: Terry Kay

Produced by: Andrew Gottlieb

Executive Producer: Richard Welsh

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