Wake-up Call (for him)

Short Films 1:44m
Available: Worldwide
A new father struggles to soothe a cranky baby and discovers the joys of parenthood. "Children learn to smile from their parents."
Shinichi Suzuki
Starring: Zachary Norman, Asher Blinkoff more hide
  • Dad: Zachary Norman
  • Baby: Asher Blinkoff
  • Directed by: Saul Blinkoff
  • Produced by: Rob Fried
  • Written by: Bettina Elvina
  • Written by: Rob Fried
  • Executive Producer: Craig Ginsberg
  • Executive Producer: Tyrrell Shaffner
  • Line Producer: Gia Galligani
  • Casting by: Elisha Gruer, C.S.A.
  • Director of Photography: Charles E. Swanson
  • Editor: Mitch Rouse
  • Original Music by: Chris Thomas
  • First Assistant Director: Ryan Westheimer
  • Production Designer: Danielle Kim Osborne
  • Art Director: Christiana Rubin
  • Costume Designer: Danielle Kim Osborne
  • : Felvi Hernando
  • Production Sound Mixer: Saravoot Kaitkalang
  • Digital Asset Manager: Mitch Rouse
  • First Assistant Camera: Tim Balcomb
  • Second Assistant Camera: Ryan Latchmansingh
  • Gaffer: Peter Soto
  • Key Grip: Aric Avelino
  • Swing: Kevin Stewart
  • Script Supervisor: Melinda Leuthold
  • Production Coordinator: Jed Linder
  • Production Assistant: Fernando Galligani
  • Production Assistant: Niti Purohit
  • Production Assistant: Gabriel Bruskoff
  • Production Assistant: Stephanie Spoleti
  • Color Timer: Mitch Rouse
  • Post Sound Mixer: Ben Huff
  • Legal Counsel: Uyen Le
  • SpiritClips Staff: Chris Commons
  • SpiritClips Staff: Steven Tagle